Synthetic Countenance
Everything is fake

generative adversarial networks

One really cool trick to generate synthetic samples.

Used Progressive Growing of GANs

Celebrity dataset CelebA

Crazy good results!

Heads up, nobody here is real!

even the failures are interesting!

Sample faces "nearby"

use optimal transport!

math math math math math math math math

Normal generator (z gives an image)

What I wanted (get z from any image)

What I did (get z from a single image)

Ali Spittel

Formerly GA, now at

used with permission

Christina Farr

Reporter at

used with permission

Luis Fonsi

That guy from Despacito

Public image


9-time Grammy winner

and Barbadian Ambassador at-Large

Public image

y tho?

Models are a reflection of data.

Explore the space to explore ourselves.

Black mirror vs White mirror.

Thanks, you.