a budding python library to manipulate faces

New hobby

falling and missing


Intensive Flying Workshop

Ten week course on flying trapeze. Ends with a public performance with troupe. Each troupe has a "theme". Ours was glam rock. 👨‍🎤

Look at all the makeup.


A python library to modify faces.

pip install greasepaint

from greasepaint import eyeliner

from greasepaint import eyeshadow

vaporwave_pal = ["#FF6AD5", "#C774E8", "#AD8CFF", "#8795E8", "#94D0FF"]

def crop_eyes(canvas, f_save):
    canvas = canvas.copy()
    canvas.img = canvas.img[200:270, 122:340]

for k,p in enumerate(vaporwave_pal):
    canvas = eyeshadow("tessa1.jpg", color=p)
    crop_eyes(canvas, f"docs/images/eyes{k+2}.jpg")

body modifications

body modifications

Poisson Image Editing FTW

Who needs more glam?

Who needs more glam?

The United States Senate.

Pat Toomey

Rand Paul

John Kennedy

Tim Scott

Bernie Sanders

Thanks, you!

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