Orthographic Pedant

(five minute hack-and-tell version)

Travis Hoppe


ostentatious life goal #226

spell check

the internet

ostentatious life goal #226

...turns out the internet is a really big place...

spell check

the internet


Meet Lars,

the orthographic pedant.


Automatic Pull Requests

A lot of Pull Requests

The project currently has 100 github stars...

Even the big guys make

typographical errors!

Google, Yahoo, Facebook,

Uber, Netflix, AWS,

Cloud Foundry, Flipboard,

heroku, eBay, Elastic Search, ...

Almost everybody loves him!

@orthographic-pedant you bring light to dark places. @jambun
This excites me more than it should. @Kainzo
As much as I enjoy the view from linguistic squalor,
I feel obliged to visit pedantry avenue occasionally. @reggieb
You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. @RichardLitt
@orthographic-pedant thx little bot :) @theengineear
Loving this bot, @orthographic-pedant! @pudo
This is... wonderful. @p0pr0ck5

almost everybody...

In the meantime, you're more than welcome to stuff your bot and your pedantry wherever you see fit. Personally, I'm not only rejecting such an arrogant and pretentious PR, but I'm also not fixing the typo just to annoy you. @sole

Your bot is a d-bag. @peanav

Lessons learned

It's easy to get 100 stars in github if you work on other people's projects.

Start with a white-list, not a general spell-checker.

Language is hard, ex. French attendent vs attendant.

Don't be Eurocentric "d-bag", Caesar vs Ceasar.

Build a honeypot and they will come.

I've only made it through the C's...

Thanks, you!