Bricolage Zounderkite

blending authors to make idiot soup with neural networks

I like building deep learning architectures,
to explore what it means to be an algorithm,
and define a bot by what it has experienced.

If we can teach machines to talk like us,
we can use them to create a new medium,
that remixes the past in a new way.

Building an author bot

  • Download a large corpus of text
  • Train a two-layer LSTM RNN over random sentences
  • Use Tensorflow (with Keras) to quickly prototype
  • Fix the top layer and train each author over the bottom layer
now bots share a common vocabulary!

Lovecraft bot

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Hemingway bot

moon will clear the cold. I was like a brown mother. Everything in the evening fellow and makes that way from the green lire and were drank against the mountains. The sun was on the branch contempt.

Blending bots

  • Sample a character from each bot
  • Choose which bot gets to speak with probability:
  • Restart word if it doesn't exist in author vocabulary
  • Parallel sample and choose best paragraph

to Lovecraft

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Tolstoy to Joyce

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  • Use word-based RNN
  • Enforce grammar as we do with words?
  • Use authors with very distinct style (Chuck Tingle?)
  • Meld human and bot authorship.